Forced charging breaks in e-cars: Greens criticize Minister of Economics Altmaier - WELT

BElectric car users are still threatened with forced charging breaks. The federal government no longer wants to tackle the problem of so-called peak smoothing in this legislative period. In January, the Federal Ministry of Economics had withdrawn from Peter Altmaier (CDU) a draft for the amendment of the Energy Industry Act according to a report by WELT AM SONNTAG, which provided for such forced charging breaks.

Energy suppliers should have electric cars and heat pumps temporarily disconnect from the network if there would otherwise be an overload because too many consumers are charging at the same time. While the lobby of the energy industry considers this regulation to be absolutely necessary, because otherwise the networks would have to be expanded extremely strongly and expensively, the auto industry fears that potential buyers of electric vehicles could be deterred.

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Change in mobility

The Ministry of Economic Affairs was actually supposed to negotiate a compromise with the competing industries in the past few months, but nothing will come of that before the federal election. The government justifies the postponement of a decision with the new climate protection requirements, which will probably be tightened further by the EU Commission in the coming week.

"The question of the efficient integration of flexible electricity consumers into the electricity system has to be discussed anew in view of the new national climate targets, which require a much faster restructuring of the energy supply," replied the Federal Ministry of Economics to a request from the Greens' deputy parliamentary group leader, Oliver Krischer, which is available to WELT AM SONNTAG. "The legislative proposals on the Green Deal that the EU Commission will soon be expected to propose should then also be taken into account."

Harsh criticism of Economics Minister Altmaier

Since the new climate targets make a much faster transformation necessary, the grids would either have to be expanded more quickly for a lot of money, or there is still a risk of forced charging pauses for battery vehicles. "The very influential associations for energy and automobiles have come up with very different interests and are pushing for a political course," says Krischer. “And what does referee Peter Altmaier do? He runs off the field and leaves the directional decision to the next federal government, although a regulation would have been asked for three years ago. "

Instead of the charging breaks, variable electricity tariffs would have to be introduced, then electric cars would be charged at night when electricity is available and therefore cheaper. Krischer criticizes: "It is not every day that a CDU economics minister refuses to accept a market price model."

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