Central Logistics Association supports reminders of climate protection measures by the Court of Auditors

Instead of “continuing as before”, now jointly take sensible measures and use existing technologies

Vienna (OTS) - The Central Association of Spedition & Logistics expressly supports the warning from the Court of Auditors that Austria is risking fines of up to 9,2 billion euros for the slow pursuit of its climate goals. Not surprisingly, traffic continues to be named as one of the main causes of greenhouse gas emissions in the non-emissions trading area.

Last week, the central association presented scientifically based figures on CO2 emissions in domestic freight transport for the first time (Link to the press release). At the same time, a comprehensive, evidence-based goods mobility plan was called for, which starts with the road as the strongest lever for CO2 savings and specifies concrete measures in addition to goals.

Central Association President Alexander Friesz: “The solutions are on the table. With a more modern legal framework, targeted promotion of environmentally friendly technologies and intelligent modal solutions, we can immediately and substantially reduce emissions. That costs a fraction of the impending fines. ”Technologies and drive forms available today such as LNG or CNG, more flexible regulations for the length, weight and aerodynamics of trucks and concerted strategies for researching and expanding battery electrics and hydrogen offer the greatest potential. Friesz: "Politicians and in particular the responsible Federal Minister Leonore Gewessler must act now urgently and define concrete, solution-oriented measures together with all stakeholders."

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