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The world's oceans have become somewhat safer in the first half of the year. The Gulf of Guinea in West Africa remains the most dangerous area.

Hamburg / Berlin (dpa) - The number of pirate attacks on the world's oceans fell significantly in the first half of 2021.

According to data from the International Maritime Bureau (IMF), there have been 68 pirate attacks and armed robbery of ships - compared to 98 incidents in the same period last year. This is the "lowest number of piracy attacks since 1994," reported the shipping office belonging to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). According to this, 61 ships were boarded, four ships attacked, two ships shot at and one ship hijacked.

Despite a slight relaxation, the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa remains the most dangerous area with 32 percent of all reported piracy acts. "The region accounted for all 50 cases of abducted crew members and the only death among crew members recorded by the IMF in the first half of 2021," the statement said. "The IMB warns that fishing vessels in the Gulf of Guinea will be hijacked and later used as mother ships to attack merchant ships."

16 pirate attacks were counted in the Strait of Singapore in the first six months of the year, five more than a year earlier. Incidents off the coast of Peru have also increased. "The pirates in the region are capable of carrying out violent attacks, with two separate incidents in the first six months of 2021 in which the crew were taken hostage and attacked."

The IMB with its Piracy Reporting Center (PRC) has been a central point of contact for reporting all crimes of sea piracy and armed robbery for many years.

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