Number of training contracts increased by 15,5 percent

Despite the corona pandemic, significantly more people had started training in the craft by the end of June than in the same period of the previous year. As the state representation of the Lower Saxony Chamber of Skilled Crafts announced on Monday, the six Lower Saxony Chamber of Skilled Crafts Districts recorded a total increase of 15,5 percent.

According to the information, it was possible to continue working almost without restriction almost everywhere in the 130 training occupations, even during the lockdown. Because school internships were canceled and schools were closed, the chambers would have had to find alternatives to conventional professional orientation, for example with virtual training fairs and digital “training place speed data”.

"We keep the wheels running and are essential for a functioning infrastructure, even in rural areas, because nobody likes to sit in the home office with a defective heating system or do without fresh bread or rolls," said Karl-Wilhelm Steinmann from the state representative of the chambers of crafts.

The chambers promoted the decision to take up a trade in the craft in the coming year of training. There are still many opportunities for an apprenticeship.