younion ice hockey: survey among female players

Anna Meixner voted “Most Valuable Player”

Vienna (OTS) - In a survey by the ice hockey players UNION, a specialist group of the younion_Die Daseinsgewerkschaft, around 60 hockey women voted with a slight twinkle in their eyes on the most important things of the past season.

The Lakers Carinthia have the most beautiful jerseys. The best ice quality can be found in Salzburg, however.

However, the best ice quality is not synonymous with the most beautiful interior design in the hall. Because the away teams feel most comfortable in the dressing room on Lake Wörthersee. Again, the Lakers are in the front.

Which team is best organized?

When asked which team is best organized, the women prefer the master team from Vienna, the EHV Sabers. Followed by the Devils from Graz.

On the other hand, the race for the best coach is completely balanced: The Devils Graz, the Lakers Carinthia, the Sabers from Vienna and the national team are almost all equally well coached in the eyes of the players.

If you absolutely have to win a game, which player do you choose for your team? The superior “Most Valuable Player” is Anna Meixner with 36%, followed by Annika Fazokas with 13%.

"This award is a special honor, because it is the greatest compliment when you are chosen by players," said the Swedish legionnaire.

Who is the best trash talker?

But not only the sporting factors were asked about. Who just can't stop teasing on the ice? Nadja Granitz, Viennese in the ranks of the runner-up Salzburg Eagles, was chosen as the best trash talker on the ice.

Finally, the crucial question, which of the ladies you should definitely follow in the social networks? There is a lot of disagreement: Antonia Matzka, sister of Black Wings Linz-Defender Moritz, is just as popular as Sophia Volgger (Salzburg Eagles), Christina Schusser (Lakers Carinthia) or Nina Ausperger (DEC Graz). But everyone else is also happy about many clicks in order to put women's hockey in the limelight in the best possible way.

“We are pleased that the survey was so well received by the women. Because although experts and journalists have a lot to say about our sport, the most important and best insiders are still the players themselves, ”says the chairman of the ice hockey players UNION, Sascha Tomanek, emphasizing the importance of the survey.

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