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Ein pieces of chocolate, melt-in-the-mouth, sometimes nutty, sometimes buttery - the enjoyment of chocolate triggers feelings of happiness in many people. However, candy is not exactly the healthiest of all foods and people who want to look after their lines shy away from chocolate.

Because the mood-enhancing effect of cocoa has now been sufficiently proven, two brothers from Augsburg have now developed a balm that wants to use this positive effect without going on the hips.

Yabbaduu is the name of the ointment and the start-up from the brothers Timm-Lukas and Fabian List. The highlight: the paste smells like chocolate. Users should smear Yabbaduu under their noses, take five deep breaths and feel the mood-enhancing effect of chocolate.

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According to Fabian List, the balm not only contains fragrances from cocoa beans, but also the alkaloid theobromine. Similar to caffeine, theobromine is said to have a stimulating effect that also comes into play when smelling - at least some suggest scientific investigations point out.

Cocoa to smell as biohack

In addition to extracts from the cocoa bean, which enable the chocolaty note, the balm contains monk's pepper. In medicine, monk's pepper is known and is said to be primarily for the natural balance of hormones Reduce stress.

Together, the active ingredients from cocoa and monk's pepper are supposed to stimulate the production of happiness hormones in the brain. “I've been enthusiastic about biohacking for years,” says Yabbaduu founder Fabian List.

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Long-term test

Biohacking describes the endeavor to increase the physical and mental performance of people as much as possible. Weak points in the body should be optimized as much as possible.

Often food supplements and natural active ingredients are used. In his work on this complex of topics, Fabian List became aware of the active ingredients from the cocoa plant and monk's pepper and asked himself how they could be used even better. The result is Yabbaduu.

Yabbaduu is still in the founding phase

The start-up behind the Schokobalsam is very young and still under construction, the GmbH is currently being founded. Nevertheless, the Augsburgers are said to have already found a first major buyer for their smelling chocolate.

"We have a deal with Douglas," says List. The Yabbaduu ointment should be available in selected branches of the large perfumery chain from mid-July. "Even if Yabbaduu is not cosmetic."

The product is currently only available on Amazon. A crucible costs just under 15 euros. The brothers started working on the idea in November 2020.

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Imagined intolerance?

The Augsburg founder, who actually has a food truck, does not want to be lined up with scented lipsticks and creams. Although the balm smells nice and chocolaty, the relaxing effect is clearly in the foreground.

That is why the List brothers rely on the current mindfulness trend when marketing Yabbaduu. The balm cannot just be smeared under the nose and inhaled, the founders recommend applying the product before a small meditation session.

Is Yabbaduu also a slimming trick?

But if you believe Fabian List, Yabbaduu can do even more. "We have reports that Yabbaduu can satisfy the sweet tooth," says the founder. Although there is no concrete evidence of this, List had many people around him tested the chocolate balm.

For example, the founder's stepsister reported that the smell of Yabbaduu alone meant that she no longer had an appetite for chocolate. Whether the List brothers can really provide slim relaxation with their chocolate taster balm is, in the end, as with many lifestyle products, a question of faith to a certain extent.

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