Economic aid - Small room rental companies also receive a cancellation bonus

Now private room landlords can also get state corona aid in the form of the cancellation bonus, as the Ministry of Tourism announced on Monday afternoon. So far, this has not been possible for accommodation providers with fewer than 10 beds in their own households. This also applies, for example, to many businesses that offer farm holidays and taverns.

The guideline has just been completed, Finance Minister Gernot Blümel (ÖVP) will adopt it “in the next few days”, said a spokesperson for Minister Elisabeth Köstinger (ÖVP) to the APA. This is intended to provide further support to private room rental companies in tourism as well as in agriculture and forestry. Starting next Monday (April 19), the cancellation bonus can also be applied for by private room and holiday apartment landlords. Until now, this was only possible for commercial room renters.

"The finance minister issues this guideline, but the whole thing is handled by the agriculture and tourism department or, in this case, the AMA," the spokesman for the finance ministry, Johannes Pasquali, told the APA. Any detailed questions therefore ran through Agarmarkt Austria.

The amount of the loss bonus corresponds to 15 percent of the calculated loss of sales. For the observation periods March and April 2021, this bonus is 30 percent. There must be a loss of sales of at least 40 percent. According to the Ministry of Tourism, different methods can be used to calculate the loss of sales, depending on the data available.

“With this model, we are continuing to support private room landlords in tourism and expanding to include those tourist landlords who were previously excluded. In addition to the default bonus of 15 percent, you will receive a further 10 percent grant as an additional bonus. This is how we secure numerous livelihoods, ”explained Köstinger.

"With the now available guidelines on the cancellation bonus, all tourist landlords can benefit from the support services provided by the federal government - it is particularly gratifying that those accommodation establishments that have not received any federal aid so far receive an additional subsidy of 10 percent and thus a total of 25 percent of the loss of sales", said Tyrolean governor Günther Platter (ÖVP) in a statement.

Criticism from FPÖ

For Tyrol, this support is "of crucial importance because the smaller tourist landlords who earn income from renting and leasing represent an essential pillar of our small-scale, family-run tourism landscape". With the new cancellation bonus, thousands of accommodation providers in the country that are particularly hard hit by the pandemic can now be supported.

Criticism comes from the FPÖ: "The compensation under Paragraph 28 of the Income Tax Act for tourist landlords is far from sufficient because these businesses have not received a cent to this day - that is a massive disadvantage," said the liberal tourism spokesman Gerald Hauser in a broadcast . Now the private landlords would get a 30 percent loss bonus for March and April and the 'Paragraph 28 companies' would only get a 10 percent bonus for these months. "With this 28 percent surcharge on the cancellation bonus for March and April, the year-long disadvantage of 'Paragraph 28 companies', i.e. all those companies with more than ten beds that use Paragraph XNUMX of the Income Tax Act, is not even remotely compensated." (Apa)