Winzig / Mandl: "Ensure good cooperation after Brexit"

Post-Brexit agreement confirmed - Tiny: Responsibility for good trade relations - Mandl: Strict calculation, good friendship - Looking forward to working with Schieder

Brussels (OTS) - “The UK's exit from the EU was more than regrettable. But we have to look ahead and ensure good neighborly cooperation for the future. We stand ready for this as the European Parliament and as the European Union. As in any partnership, it rests on both sides. After many incomprehensible decisions in the past, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson must show serious and honest policies for the future. We have to be able to rely on the fact that contracts that have been concluded will be kept - this currently applies in particular to the preservation of peace in Ireland and therefore open borders between Ireland and Northern Ireland ", say ÖVP MEPs Angelika Winzig and Lukas Mandl at today's vote on this Post-Brexit agreement in the committees for trade and foreign policy as well as the current negotiations between EU Commissioner Sefcovic and British Brexit Minister Frost on a solution to the dispute over customs controls in Northern Ireland.

“We have carefully examined the agreement. Our responsibility as MEPs is to secure good trade relations for more economic growth and jobs on both sides of the English Channel - especially in times of the current crisis. We are fulfilling this responsibility by ratifying the agreement, ”says Winzig, head of the ÖVP delegation and member of the European Parliament's trade committee. "Once the agreement is fully and properly in force, the provisions on exports, imports and tariffs will also be more robustly enforceable than during the current provisional application."

Mandl adds: “An old saying goes 'strict calculation, good friendship'. We've been working on the tough bill with the British for years now. We shouldn't overlook the importance of living friendship and partnership. In a globalized world, the United Kingdom and the EU are more dependent on each other than ever, especially in the areas of security and the economy, ”says the ÖVP's foreign policy and security spokesman in the European Parliament. “It goes without saying that we expect from our British friends that the Good Friday Agreement and with it the peace on the Irish island are in no way undermined. This is agreed in black and white and, by the way, US President Joe Biden recently made this unmistakably clear. "

“It is gratifying that Andreas Schieder, an Austrian, is now the European Parliament's chief negotiator on the post-Brexit agreement. I am looking forward to working with our compatriot Andreas Schieder on this topic too, ”Mandl concludes. (Enough)

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