Wind turbines in operation without continuous flashing at night

Wind turbines with lights that can be switched off were installed for the first time in Rhineland-Palatinate in the Hunsrück. "This innovative system means that the red flashing lights only light up when an aircraft is actually approaching," announced the State Chancellery in Mainz. Otherwise it stays dark.

The so-called needs-based night marking works according to the information provided by flight radar. The total of almost 20 new systems are located in the municipal wind park Am Ranzenkopf and in the wind park of the Morbacher Energielandschaft.

"This technical innovation in the interests of many citizens sends out a signal throughout the country," said the Rhineland-Palatinate Prime Minister Malu Dreyer (SPD) on the commissioning of the wind turbines on Thursday evening. "The new signal light relieves the burden on people who feel disturbed by the continuous flashing at night." A sustainable energy supply must also be as environmentally friendly as possible, Dreyer said with a view to the animal world.

The technology that signal lights are triggered by transponders from aircraft flying past and then switch off again has been around for a long time, said Climate Protection Minister Anne Spiegel (Greens). "They just weren't allowed to be used." That was changed by the federal government with the support of Rhineland-Palatinate.

In its coalition agreement, the Ampel government is aiming for the expansion goal of 100 percent renewable energies by 2030. This includes the net expansion of 500 megawatts of wind power per year.