Wiener: "We need an EU-wide legal framework for soil protection"

EU Parliament adopts resolution for soil protection applicable throughout the EU

Brussels (OTS) - Today the members of the Environment Committee in the EU Parliament passed a resolution on soil protection. MEP Sarah Wiener, who sits on the Environment Committee for the Austrian Greens, welcomes the decision: "Finally, more attention is being paid to protecting the soil as it is the pillar of our entire food system. We live on and from him. In the past decades it has not only been neglected, but exploited by industrial agriculture, through a far too high use of pesticides, mineral fertilizers and mass animal husbandry."

At the beginning of the 2000s, a few member states prevented an EU-wide legal framework for soil protection. The resolution that has been passed calls for an EU-wide legal framework for the protection of soils to finally be brought forward. An EU that has regulations for the protection of water and air, but none for the soil, is no longer in keeping with the times. Sarah Wiener: "What we need is the integration of soil protection into the common agricultural policy (CAP). Humus-building and soil-conserving cultivation methods such as organic farming, permaculture and agroforestry must be the gold standard and particularly encouraged, while mineral fertilizers must be taxed higher. And last but not least, we have to start a discussion about the importance of our soil, which nowadays is often viewed as an investment object or is thoughtlessly sealed for more and more commercial and traffic areas. Soil and land are much more than that, the soil is our livelihood - without soil there is no food. "

Other central demands of the Soil Protection Resolution passed by the plenary today are: Stricter enforcement of the standards for good animal husbandry and the Nitrates Directive, the revision of the Environmental Liability Directive to strengthen its provisions on contaminated sites and the obligation of the member states to publish public reports on the Create soil condition. In April the soil protection resolution is to be voted on in plenary.

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