Values ​​Union boss Otte is a "bombproof" CDU member

New chairman Values ​​Union boss Otte is a "bombproof" CDU member

Max Otte

Max Otte is the new head of the Value Union. In 2017, he said he had voted for the AfD. (Archive image) Photo: Wolfgang Borrs / NDR / dpa

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In 2017 he wants to have elected the AfD. Now Max Otte is the newly elected chairman of the conservative values ​​union. He knows back the allegation of loyalty to the AfD.

The newly elected chairman of the conservative values ​​union, Max Otte, has rejected the accusation that he is loyal to the AfD. «AfD-loyal is nonsense. I've been a CDU member for 30 years, ”said the economist on Deutschlandfunk on Wednesday.

"First of all, I'm a rock-solid and rock-solid CDU member," stressed Otte. The fact that he said four years ago that he was personally voting for the AfD was due to the fact that he could not elect Chancellor Angela Merkel. That was four years ago, Merkel was no longer running. The topic is closed.

Otte announced in an interview with “Wirtschaftswoche” in 2017 that he wanted to vote for the AfD in the federal election. Politicians from the Greens, FDP and SPD accuse the 56-year-old of being close to the AfD. Former constitutional protection chief Hans-Georg Maaßen (CDU) says that his membership in the Union of Values ​​is suspended. CDU party leader Armin Laschet made it clear on Deutschlandfunk on Tuesday that the Union of Values ​​had nothing to do with the CDU.

Otte regretted this. 80 percent of the members of the values ​​union or more are also in the CDU. The “member body” of the Union of Values ​​would allow the party to recognize the group. "We want to influence the party," said Otte.

Otte was also chairman of the board of trustees of the AfD-affiliated Desiderius Erasmus Foundation (DES), but left the foundation in January. On Deutschlandfunk, he justified this with the fact that science had taken a back seat on the committee. It is primarily about the country and concepts for the country. Otte also accused the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, which observes parts of the lateral thinker movement, of no longer acting impartially. He is concerned that the protection of the Constitution is being used politically.

For SPD parliamentary deputy Katja Mast, the discussion about Otte is not over yet. «I'm very excited to see what Armin Laschet is doing now. His words seem to have little weight, ”said the politician to the German press agency. The so-called firewall to the right still has huge holes. "That is completely unacceptable," said Mast.