Another supermarket is considering vaccination bonuses for employees

Edeka Nord recently announced that it would give its employees a shopping voucher if they were vaccinated. Another supermarket is now also considering taking such a step.

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The Rewe-Group, which includes both Rewe stores and Penny's branches, is considering a bonus for employees who get vaccinated. A spokesman for the group told t-online: "We are currently in talks with the works council as to whether and in what form we can create an additional vaccination incentive for our employees."

At the same time, however, he conceded: "We are currently unable to provide any information on a possible design of the incentives." The spokesman continued.

"We 'advertise' vaccination with facts and will set up our own digital information platform for our employees," he said.

Edeka Nord gives gift vouchers to employees willing to vaccinate

Previously had Edeka Nord, one of the seven wholesalers of the Edeka group that supply the independent merchants, has announced that it will be giving its employees a vaccination bonus in the form of a 50 euro shopping voucher. But that only affects the employees who belong to the second priority group - those with chronic lung diseases.

Other Supermarkets, Discounter and drugstores are still holding back. Of Aldi Nord states: “Vaccinations are voluntary, so that every employee naturally decides for himself whether he or she wants to be vaccinated or not.” Aldi will inform its employees about “what is important around the start of vaccination. We are also examining the possibilities of actively accompanying the vaccination process - for example through company doctors. "

The Black group, to the Lidl and Kaufland, only said: "We basically see vaccination as a further component of fighting pandemic". In addition, the group did not want to provide any information. In the US, meanwhile, things have progressed. In January 2021, Lidl announced that it would pay employees willing to vaccinate US $ 200. Also the drive to Vaccination appointment should be paid.

Drugstore chains do not plan any vaccination bonuses for employees

At dm one wants to create “framework conditions” for the employees, as Christian Harms, member of the dm management, told t-online. "According to the currently applicable Coronavirus Vaccination Ordinance, our employees who are in contact with customers belong to the category of 'vaccination with higher priority'," says Harms.

"We issue our colleagues in the dm stores with a corresponding certificate so that prioritized consideration in the vaccination sequence is possible". The decision for one vaccination however, lies with each and every employee.

Competitor Rossmann wants to vaccinate himself soon: “Rossmann is currently preparing to vaccinate employees himself as soon as possible. A bonus in the form of a voucher, similar to the one from Edeka Nord, is currently not planned. "