Female sexuality and lust as a lifestyle product: the market for women's love life is booming

More and more companies are launching articles that are intended to increase female sexual well-being and are marketed as lifestyle instead of medical products. Expertise from the beauty industry often meets scientific approaches.

According to "Business Wire", the international market for sexual wellness products is expected to reach a value of around 2026 billion euros by 105.

Nial Chase DeMena, CEO of femtech start-up Vella, told Business Insider that it was long overdue for manufacturers of wellness products to focus on the pleasure of women.

The social discourse on female sexuality and sexual health is taking place very slowly at first, but now more and more rapidly. A few years ago, topics such as lust, orgasms or sexually transmitted diseases were still a taboo that was often only discussed under low whispers between close friends. A market slumbers underneath that needs to be discovered. In the meantime, more and more companies have embraced this and brought out products that are supposed to improve women's (sex) lives.

According to "Business Wire", the market for sexual wellness articles is currently growing at a rate of 12,4 percent and is expected to reach a market value of 2026 billion US dollars by 125, or around 105 billion euros. There could be many social factors behind this economic boom. Female sexuality in its entirety is taking place more and more frequently in the media and on social media in the context of sexual education and feminist discourse. This inevitably leads to an increasing openness with regard to topics such as one's own sexuality and sexual health. This openness, in turn, meets the growing social interest in the concept of self-care. The perfect market was born for items that are stylishly marketed without taboos and promise a healthy, fulfilling sex life.

You can now find articles from the area of ​​sexual wellness such as lubricants, stimulation gels or sextoys even in clothing stores such as Urban Outfitters or cosmetic shops such as Cult Beauty as a kind of whimsy for adults: something that you can always take with you, even when you don't actually need it . But changes are also taking place in adult online shops, as Karen Haust knows. She is Director of Buying & Private Label at the Amorelie online shop. "We are pleased that our industry and the product range are becoming more lifestyle-oriented, and we are also noticing an increase in wellness products for people with vaginas," says Haust. Sex and sextoys are now a lifestyle - which is important to bring the topic to the center of society. "We believe that sex enriches life."

Sexual health as a lifestyle product

In particular, companies and entrepreneurs from the wellness and beauty sector are conquering the new area and developing lifestyle products that are supposed to make life easier - smartly packaged and with sophisticated branding. Femallay Inc. sells so-called vaginal melts in addition to sustainable pads and menstrual cups. According to the manufacturers, the product was developed with the “well-being and pleasure” of women in mind. It is said to help relieve itching and irritation caused by vaginal dryness. Not really a topic that makes you think of a trendy must-have. Femallay has landed a coup with the vaginal melts: The product is available in different varieties, including peach and coconut. This is exactly why TikTok went viral.

Many women there recommend it without shame as a kind of "flavor enhancer" before oral sex. A video by the user @stheptrucco, which introduces the vaginal suppositories, received five million views and more than one million likes within a few weeks. The appealing design of the product, which is much more reminiscent of high-quality natural cosmetics than pharmacy items, does the rest. Since then, almost all types of vaginal melts have been completely sold out. Replenishment is available every day at a fixed time, as if the product were a limited-edition designer sneaker.

World-famous urologist meets beauty expertise

Another company that has taken on female wellness is Vella Bioscience. In May 2021, the company launched its first official product: the Vella Pleasure Serum. The serum consists largely of highly concentrated CBD oil and is intended to ensure “more frequent, more intense and more satisfying orgasms for cis women”. According to the research results of the Femtech company, the cannabidiol contained in it should relax the muscles around the clitoris and vulva and thus contribute to better climaxes. The well-known urologist Harin Padma-Nathan worked on the development of the product, who has contributed to dozens of clinical studies on sexual enhancement drugs and thus to the development of Viagra for the US drug agency. Beauty expert Bulbul Hooda, who already worked as brand manager for L'Oréal and the Vaseline cosmetics line, took over the development of the brand.

“It's about doing the right thing. Investing in femtech means investing in the well-being of half of humanity. If you think about it, yesterday was the right time to do it, ”says Vella's CEO Nial Chase DeMena. The team would have worked on the product for around two years; it is currently only available in the USA. DeMena says that work is already being done “aggressively” to launch the Pleasure Serum worldwide: “Our brand is about inclusivity, so we can't only appeal to American women.” Although the comparison is obvious, DeMena sees Vellas Pleasure Serum not a “female Viagra”. The product is not about treating a dysfunction, but about empowering women in their sexuality and promoting the discourse about female pleasure. An attitude that not only sounds good, but also sells well.

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