Wahl-O-Mat 2021: Who you want to vote for in Saxony-Anhalt

Since the fall of the Wall there has been on the coalition bench in Sachsen-Anhalt a lively play of colors. First ruled CDU and FDP, then SPD, first in a minority government with the Greens, later without them. Then it was black and yellow again, followed by black and red.

The situation has been even more complicated since 2016. In the last state election, the AfD became the second strongest force, won almost a quarter of the votes - and thus nullified all established majority options.

The result: Under the leadership of the Prime Minister Pure Haseloff the Union entered into a three-way alliance with the SPD and the Greens in order to get past the AfD. An alliance of convenience that has since operated under the name »Kenya Coalition« - based on the flag colors of the African country.

The alliance had to withstand tough disputes, it said Dispute over radio contributions just before the break. The question is: will it be easier in the future?

The next state election is due to take place in Saxony-Anhalt on June 6th. Around 1,8 million people are called to cast their votes. And according to surveys, a clear balance of power and two-party alliances are not in sight now either.

Test 38 theses

A total of 22 parties will compete on June 6th. The election campaign is about the big issues of the republic, which affect Saxony-Anhalt in different ways: the coal phase-out, for example, which demands tough structural change from the state, medical care in the area or the consequences of the corona crisis.

With the Wahl-O-Mat from SPIEGEL and the Federal Agency for Civic Education / bpb and the State Center for Political Education Saxony-Anhalt you can test which of the parties is most likely to represent your political views.

Choice age from 16, wolf protection or Tempo 30 in cities - you can position yourself on a total of 38 theses, with a click you can agree, reject or approve. At the end, you can weight the answers if a topic is particularly important to you. The Wahl-O-Mat then shows which parties are closest to your position.

Take the test and compare your points of view with the answers of the parties.