Bayerische Versicherungsgruppe launches first sustainable commercial insurance on the market


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Bayerische has been committed to climate protection for some time and is considered one of the pioneers of sustainable insurance solutions. Now the insurance group is launching the first sustainable commercial policy on the market. For customers, this means, among other things, additional services for ecologically produced replacement products and CO2 compensation in the event of a fire.

The Bavarian company has revised its commercial policy and expanded it to include a free sustainability module. This means that after damage, customers receive additional benefits of 20 percent for sustainably produced replacement products such as floor coverings, paints and technical, electrical or electronic products in a higher energy efficiency class. In addition, Bayerische assumes additional costs that arise when customers commission recognized sustainable or CO2-certified companies. This also includes up to 20 percent higher services in the event of business interruption if the assignment results in a longer downtime.

“We would like to keep our great blue planet livable for future generations. That is why we have an immense need to make our product world ever more sustainable, ”says Martin Gräfer, CEO of the property insurance subsidiary of Bayerische. “With our blue commercial insurance, we are once again one of the pioneers in the field of sustainable insurance. Keyword blue: We are convinced that people do not want to be patronized when it comes to climate protection. Instead of black fear education and the ideology of renunciation, we rely on the concept of a blue ecology. We stand for a new idea of ​​progress and efficient climate protection through technical and strategic innovations. The focus is on everyone's quality of life. "

Another highlight of sustainable commercial insurance is that in the event of a fire, Bayerische makes the CO2 released by the fire climate-neutral. The same applies to company liability insurance if there is an insured impairment of air, water, soil or biodiversity. The compensation takes place through the support of a certified climate protection project. For every commercial contract concluded, Bayerische also plants a tree together with WeForest in an area threatened by extreme deforestation.

Also new in commercial insurance is bad debt cover in business liability insurance. Anyone who harms other people has to pay. However, it becomes problematic when the latter cannot pay. This is where bad debt coverage comes in and pays the financial damage. Another highlight is the betterment clause up to 500.000 euros. In the event of a claim, the customer can request compensation based on the conditions of his previous contract, if these would have been better or higher.

In content insurance, the Bavarian company offers additional security through all-risk coverage. Everything that is not explicitly excluded in the conditions is generally included in the insurance. With the all-risk coverage of the commercial policy, the burden of proof in the event of a claim is reversed in favor of the customer, i.e. Bayerische must prove that the damage is not insured.

The Munich-based company offers its sales partners a special service: so that they can get to know commercial insurance quickly and easily, Bayerische calculates the offers and points out special features. All you need to do is send an email to with the necessary information.

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