Negotiations about job cuts at Siemens Energy failed

The negotiations on the specific design of the cutbacks of around 2900 jobs at Siemens Energy in Germany have failed. In spite of intensive efforts, they “couldn't get through the door,” said IG Metall on Friday. Siemens Energy also confirmed the failure.

The company is now calling a so-called arbitration board. According to Siemens Energy, it is made up of equal numbers of employee and employer representatives and should find a final settlement under the direction of an independent chairman. Siemens Energy initially did not want to comment on any further details.

The general works council chairman Robert Kensbock said that they “approached each other on many topics”. "With some content, however, the company side insists on its reduction goals, without seriously examining alternative concepts on our part." IG Metall board member Jürgen Kerner said that he had the impression that the Siemens Energy management board was "not just about savings, but also about one The basic agenda is about dismantling in Germany and relocation abroad. "

Siemens Energy announced at the beginning of February that it wanted to cut 7800 jobs worldwide. Just a few days earlier, the company had signed a future agreement with IG Metall for the restructuring of the company, which stipulates, among other things, "not having to close any locations" and "necessary personnel adjustments" if possible via voluntary measures, as it was called at the time.

Siemens Energy was listed on the stock exchange last year as a decoupling of Siemens' energy businesses. The company has been on the DAX since March, but is facing major challenges in view of the energy transition, as it supplies not only wind power, but also products and maintenance for electricity from fossil fuels.