Association: Italy's Prosecco export at record level | Free press - economy

The Prosecco from Italy is selling well in the Corona crisis.

Rome (dpa) - According to the association, Italy exported more Prosecco than ever in the first four months of this year.

The Italian agricultural association Coldiretti announced on Saturday that the companies delivered more than 120 million bottles (0,75 liters each). That is an increase of 17 percent over the same period of the previous year. In Germany, the Italian prosecco exporters recorded the strongest increase in sales with 29 percent in this period comparison. The USA was the largest customer.

In the UK, the association noted a nine percent decline during this period. The association attributed this to the bureaucratic hurdles in connection with Brexit. For the sparkling wine exporters there are problems with the customs procedures. The association fears that this could bring Prosecco counterfeits onto the market in Great Britain.

Prosecco is an EU protected designation of origin for Italian sparkling or sparkling wines. The attempt by Croatia to have its local white wine Prosek protected by the EU as a name recently caused trouble. Italy wants to defend itself against it, because the name is clearly in conflict with the name Prosecco, so the accusation. There was even talk of the «Prosecco War». In 2013, Croatia failed with a similar attempt.

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