USA invests billions in fighting mutants

Corona pandemic USA invests billions in fighting mutants

Corona in the USA

In the USA, mutants of the coronavirus are detected in around every second case of infection. Photo: John Minchillo / AP / dpa

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Variants of the coronavirus make it difficult to contain the pandemic. The US government now wants to expand genome sequencing in order to better track the spread of mutants.

The government of US President Joe Biden is investing $ 1,7 billion in the fight against it Coronavirus-Variants.

The funds come from the Corona stimulus package decided by Biden's Democrats in Congress in March, as the White House announced today. The investment was intended to help the CDC and state governors fight coronavirusMutants monitor, track and combat, for example, by expanding genome sequencing.

The original coronavirus variant can therefore be found in the United States now only in around every second case of infection. "New and potentially dangerous strains of the virus make up the other half," the statement said. The majority of the funds now made available should flow into genome sequencing, with which new variants can be identified.

At the beginning of February, US laboratories had only subjected around 8.000 coronavirus strains per week to such genome sequencing, the White House said. This number has now risen to 29.000 and should be increased further with the new funds. Variants should be able to be recognized before they spread. Biden has declared the fight against the coronavirus to be one of its most important tasks.