US President Biden does not want a "cycle of escalation"

Tensions with Russia US President Biden does not want a "cycle of escalation"

Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden does not want to further exacerbate tensions with Moscow. Photo: Andrew Harnik / AP / dpa

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US President Joe Biden does not want tensions with Russia to escalate. At the same time, however, he issued a warning to Putin.

Despite the new sanctions against Russia, Washington wants according to the words of the US President Joe Biden do not further exacerbate tensions with Moscow.

“The US is not looking to create a cycle of escalation and conflict with Russia to initiate, "said US President Joe Biden in the White House. He also warned: "If Russia continues to interfere in our democracy, I am ready to take further measures." The sanctions now imposed could have been tougher, said Biden. But he decided to react "proportionately".

Biden had suggested a summit meeting in a third country in a phone call on Tuesday, Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin. On Thursday he said US-PräsidentAccording to his proposal, such a meeting should take place in Europe in the summer. It remains to be seen whether Putin will accept the invitation. The Kremlin said that sanctions were not helpful for such summit plans. In the end, however, the heads of state would have to decide for themselves whether they would meet.

In retaliation for Moscow The US had previously expelled ten Russian diplomats and imposed a number of new sanctions, attributed to hacker attacks and interference in the US elections. The White House said that there were five members of the Russian secret services among the diplomats from the Washington Mission. The Russian State Department called the actions of the American side “unacceptable” and announced a sharp reaction to the new US sanctions.