"Oops, we do it again" - Meuthen's sayings at the start of the AfD party congress

See in the video: "Oops, we do it again" - Meuthen's sayings at the start of the AfD party congress

NOTE: THIS POST WILL BE SENT WITHOUT SPEAKER TEXT. Jörg Meuthen, AfD party chairman: “We stand, to put it bluntly, for quick tests via Aldi instead of Altmaier, because then it works. We stand for high-tech instead of Habeck and we stand for market instead of Merkel. ”“ Oops, we do it again. Because this is our second presence party congress in the middle of Corona times. What have we been accused of in the run-up to the party congress? That is irresponsible, a superspreader event would give it, it would have dire consequences for everyone. And what happens after that? Right, nothing. ”“ Because we stick to the rules. Because we live responsibility, because we want to show and show that it is possible, that all these orgies of prohibition, this locking up, this lockdown madness, that none of this is necessary if you trust people, that they are willing and able to take responsibility for themselves are. “Under Merkel, Germany has become a country that hardly anyone in the world takes seriously anymore. I experience that in Brussels every day. A country in which the politicians who are unfortunately still in the lead now, stammering senselessly, refer to themselves as politicians and our kindergarten children are covered with absurd ideologies. "" If we do it right, we have a great chance at this election, for the first time and even to become the strongest political force in a state by a considerable margin. The latest surveys even show the three in front as a result that is well within the realm of the possible. We are currently placing a round 10 to 11 percentage points ahead of the next placed party. That is this party in decline, what was it called, right CDU. "