Companies want to vaccinate employees - but the vaccine is missing

Companies in Brandenburg are very interested in vaccinating their employees against Corona to contain the pandemic - but are currently failing due to the lack of vaccination doses in the country. For this reason, the energy company Leag in the south of the country is currently not vaccinating on site. "We don't get a vaccine," said Leag spokesman Thoralf Schirmer. The company doctor has tried to get the corona vaccine since January - without success. With around 8000 employees, the energy company is the largest employer in the region.

The chemical company BASF at the Schwarzheide site in Lusatia does not have its own vaccination center as does the Ludwigshafen site. Employees of the plant fire brigade and company doctors have already been vaccinated according to prioritization - a vaccination for the employees of the critical BASF infrastructure companies is being prepared in cooperation with the Senftenberg vaccination center, said a spokeswoman. The willingness in the workforce to be vaccinated is high.

According to the spokeswoman, the company wants to actively support the state's vaccination campaign and offers to support the Oberspreewald Lausitz district through the company doctors - for example in the operation of vaccination routes in centers or with vaccinations on the factory premises. However, there is currently not enough vaccine. BASF has around 2000 employees in Schwarzheide.

The company doctors at Daimler in Ludwigsfelde are available in their own vaccination centers, just like at the other German locations. "We are still waiting for the green light to allow our company doctors to vaccinate," said a company spokeswoman. The prerequisite, of course, is that the vaccine is available. Daimler employs a total of more than 70 company doctors and more than 200 medical assistants at its locations in Germany. For the vaccination campaign, the group also wants to work with external medical service providers.