"... and ships fully loaded with wood leave for the USA from German ports"

The corona pandemic has messed up delivery relationships and customer behavior: First there was a rush for toilet paper and yeast, then for furniture.

The German economy is now feeling the consequences in more and more places. Raw materials are becoming scarce, and not just in the electronics industry, which is running out of computer chips. The construction industry is also affected. The craft association ZDH is therefore calling for German politics to intervene.

In the trade, the hut is on fire because of the shortage of building materials such as wood, said ZDH President Hans Peter Wollseifer. "Politicians are called upon to use all the means available to them to remedy this situation." He did not formulate specific demands, but described the plight of many companies: there is now "despair and anger" because many craftsmen are hardly involved Material replenishment would come, but at the same time also »from German ports container ships fully loaded with wood in the direction United States leak".

Is there a threat of downtime on the construction site?

If it is not possible to get this development under control, numerous companies would have to apply for short-time work allowance. However, that would also mean "a standstill in private homes, housing programs and energy-efficient renovation."

The CDU-led Federal Ministry of Economics had already rejected export restrictions on construction timber on Monday. "As a rule, export restrictions are not the appropriate means to remedy shortages," said the company Peter Altmaier With. According to »Handelsblatt«, however, several SPD economics ministers from the federal states are in favor of temporary EU export restrictions for wood and other raw materials in order to protect the domestic economy. But other countries are against it.

A special conference of the federal states with Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier is apparently planned on Wednesday. The subject of raw materials could also be addressed. On the agenda, however, are mainly corona issues, such as economic aid and the debate about further openings.