Record support for member companies despite a shortfall in income

WKB accounts 2020: 1,7 million euros as direct funding for Burgenland's businesses from reserves. 46 million euros from the hardship fund for the self-employed

Eisenstadt (OTS) - In the course of the economic parliament, the financial statements of the Burgenland Chamber of Commerce for 2020 will also be presented. Income of the Chamber and the WIFI of 15 million euros are offset by expenses of 14 million euros. "The corona pandemic is also reflected in the balance sheet of the Burgenland Chamber of Commerce," explains WK finance officer Rudolf Könighofer. Due to the coronavirus, the financial statements show a deficit of 875.000 euros in the chamber levies.

Nevertheless, at the beginning of 2021 around 1,7 million euros were paid out from reserves as direct funding within the framework of the WK support fund to Burgenland member companies. In addition, during the Corona crisis, 46 million euros from the hardship fund of the federal government to cover the livelihood of Burgenland self-employed were processed by the Burgenland Chamber of Commerce. And the mobile Covid-19 test campaign as well as the training of Covid-19 test personnel for Burgenland's companies were financed with funds from the Chamber of Commerce.

“These services were only possible through a consistent austerity course. 1,3 million euros were saved in expenses compared to the estimate. Money that will directly benefit the member companies in these difficult economic times, ”concluded Finance Officer Könighofer.

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