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The cryptocurrency sector is growing even in an adverse climate. Although Bitcoin is trading nearly 50% below its all-time high in May, institutional investors are showing little interest in buying it and are looking for other options instead.

“The market for cryptocurrencies is constantly changing. What is happening now is a simple story that is repeated many times in this industry and the fear of risk is not worth it. However, I believe that the market is a great opportunity for projects and companies in this area to break away from their obligations and concentrate on developing new products and development strategies ”- says Boris Smitski.

Golden Cash was originally developed to increase sales in the jewelry industry. The platform connects jewelry brands, producers and buyers to facilitate their interaction. At the same time, the token holders are given the opportunity to increase their investments.

Boris Smitski said tokens will not face competition in the jewelry industry. This creates interest in the payment system and thus demand and profit. He also mentioned that tokens have evolved from utility tokens or security tokens to exchange, governance and liquidity pool tokens. It is necessary to keep in mind that tokens are volatile, just like the entire cryptocurrency market.

“If cryptocurrencies weren't volatile, nobody would bother with them and want to trade them. The motivation to work with this niche would disappear. It is important that the market remain cyclical and stay as far away from centralization or regulation as possible, consistent with what is called "civilized behavior". The crypto market has a lot of room to grow, and volatility will be the main driver for this sector! ”, - assured Boris Smitsky.

Boris Smitski is an international businessman with extensive experience in investment, consulting and banking. He is known for investing in gold production and mining, as well as founding the international jewelry brand Golden Cash. He was one of the first to invest in Bitcoin. He also advised the PaPa Coin project on its start.

The Golden Cash platform provides a networking environment to connect key players in the jewelry industry and ensure their seamless interaction. Its main goal is to build a high performing and mutually beneficial community for producers, brands and sellers.

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