Tesla faces a fine for unapproved tanks in Grünheide

The US electric car maker Tesla has to because of the Erection of unauthorized tanks on the construction site of his planned factory in Grünheide Berlin expect a fine. The spokesman for the Brandenburg Ministry of the Environment, Sebastian Arnold, said that there were three tanks for different liquids that were erected without a permit. The amount of the fine was initially unclear. Tesla did not comment on the request.

"During the on-site inspection, the State Office for the Environment (LfU) found that several tanks were erected by the developer, although there is no permit for them," said the ministry spokesman. »The LfU is therefore preparing fine proceedings. Commissioning the tanks is not permitted. The LfU also checks whether further measures are necessary. "

The Green League and the Nature Conservation Union Brandenburg had reported an illegal construction on the site. They assumed a refrigerant tank. You are taking legal action against pre-approval with tests of the functionality of systems in the paint shop, foundry and body shop.

Not the first offense

The US electric car manufacturer had already laid underground pipes on the construction site without a permit. According to earlier information from Tesla circles, it was said that the car manufacturer had assumed that the laying of underground lines above the water table was already covered by a decision. Tesla had also initially started testing for stakes, although there was no permit.

The construction site of Tesla's first electric car factory in Europe is well advanced, although the decision on the final environmental approval by the state of Brandenburg is pending. Originally, Tesla wanted to start production in July of this year and is now planning this for the end of 2021.

The decision is delayed because the company expanded its application for the car factory to include the one for a battery factory. However, Tesla is building through several early approvals for individual steps.

The State Environment Agency approved despite criticism from environmental groups already the installation of tanks for wastewater treatment and the refueling system. According to the Ministry of the Environment, these are function tests in which only small amounts of substances that are hazardous to water and significant in the event of an accident would be used. Therefore, the knowledge gained from a submitted accident report would not conflict with this decision