Partial privatization - is Red Bull buying into Salzburg Airport?

Red Bull gives you wings - also and especially at Salzburg Airport. Now the beverage company, which already uses two hangars of its own, could also become landowners. The airport is apparently facing partial privatization. The airport, which got into the red due to the lockdowns, is to sell valuable properties in the vicinity and offer private partners shares in the operating company, which currently belongs entirely to the state and city of Salzburg. And one of these private partners could be Red Bull, according to ORF Salzburg.

Specifically, the aim is to sell the land on which Red Bull built hangars 20 and 7 8 years ago with building permission, where the aviation and racing museum and the property's catering facilities are currently located. According to the Deputy Governor and State Finance Officer Christian Stöckl (ÖVP), the sale of this building right could generate money for the necessary construction of Terminal 1.

75 percent of the airport belongs to the city and 25 percent to the state of Salzburg

Salzburg Airport is 75 percent owned by the state and 25 percent by the city of Salzburg. According to Stöckl, there are also considerations that shares could also be sold to the beverage company. “We saw during the crisis that it would be better to have a private partner. Then there would be more federal subsidies, "the state politician is quoted as saying. A participation of a private investor beyond a blocking minority is also not ruled out, which means that more than 25 percent would be in private hands.

Salzburg's Vice Mayor Bernhard Auinger (SPÖ), supervisory board member for the city of Salzburg in the airport operating company, can gain something from a sale of the building rights, but he rejected partial privatization - like the SPÖ at state level. “The airport will definitely be earning money again in two to three years”, is his objection. This prognosis is also not daring.

SPÖ state party leader David Egger was just as vehemently opposed to the sale of shares "no matter what the interested party is called," as a press release said on Saturday. In addition to the sale of land at Hangars 7 and 8 to Red Bull, reasons should also be sold to the post office, which is interested in building a logistics center. At the same time, he was before the ÖVP to react hesitantly here. (apa)