Thousands of Berliners demonstrate against the rent cap

After the Off for the Berlin rent cap before Bundesverfassungsgericht Thousands of people demonstrated in the federal capital for a nationwide rent freeze. They criticized the decision of the highest German court and demanded more political action against the "rent madness".

Many of the participants brought lids with them, which they used to make noise. "If you take a lid from us, we'll come back with a thousand lids," was the motto of the demonstrators. They first gathered at Hermannplatz in Neukölln and started an elevator that went to Kottbusser Tor in Kreuzberg should lead.

The Berlin tenants' association had called for a protest. The police spoke of a number of participants "in the middle four-digit range," the organizers of thousands of demonstrators. As the police announced, practically all demonstrators wore a corona mask and tried to keep their distances.

Police report crimes

After the leader of the meeting ended the demonstration, 400 participants did not want to leave the place, said a police spokesman in the evening. From this group there were isolated crimes against police officers. As a result, announcements were first made and then police measures were taken.

The Federal Constitutional Court had been in effect for more than a year Berlin rent cap law declared null and void in a promulgated resolution. The federal government was responsible for tenancy law, it said in the justification. To many people in apartments with previously capped rent now come back payments.