Storm on US Capitol: New report weighs heavily on Capitol Police

After the US Capitol was stormed on January 6, the security forces responsible for protecting the building and the MPs continued to come under pressure. In a report from which the broadcaster CNN now also the »New York Times"Quoted, it is said that the Capitol Police were warned that" the Capitol itself could become the target "of violence.

The 104-page report was prepared by the Internal Inspector General of the Capitol Police, Michael Bolton. Accordingly, the security forces had not adequately prepared for January 6, although they had received intelligence information about a threat from Trump supporters three days earlier.

Donald Trump's supporters had marched to the Capitol after an inciting speech by the ex-president forcibly entered the building where they wreaked havoc and havoc. Five people, including a police officer, were killed in the riot. 140 police officers were also injured, according to the report.

According to Inspector Bolton's report, however, the Capitol Police are said to have been explicitly advised of the danger posed by Trump supporters. "In contrast to previous protests after the election, counter-demonstrators do not necessarily have to be the target of Trump supporters," it says.

Capitol Police saw "no particular known threats"

In addition, the police had been warned that Trump's repeated allegations that there were irregularities in the election particularly attracted right-wing extremist "White Supremacists", militias and other violent groups.

In contrast, the day before the riot the Capitol Police themselves had identified "no particular known threats in connection with the joint session of Congress" in a plan of action. In addition, the officers were instructed to refrain from using their most aggressive non-lethal means against crowds, such as stun grenades.

The report is in contradiction to statements made by earlier Capitol Police forces. For example, their ex-boss Steven Sund last had in a hearing before the Senate serious allegations against the Federal Police FBI raised. According to Sund, the Capitol Police were poorly informed by the FBI, so the rioting was unpredictable to that extent.

Because of the storming of the Capitol, the US Department of Justice has already brought several charges against alleged rioters. Congress is due to hold a hearing on the report on Thursday. Trump was in the Senate after an impeachment process in February was acquitted of the charge of "inciting a riot".