Taxpayer Remembrance Day: Federal government in pre-retirement tax policy - companies and citizens now need relief



Berlin (ots)

On tomorrow's Taxpayer Remembrance Day, BVMW Federal Managing Director Markus Jerger explains:

“The federal government has apparently adopted the pre-retirement tax policy. It is high time to reactivate them before the general election. Because companies and citizens must now be relieved of tax. The middle class can no longer be put off with vague promises and bad checks for the time after the election. The tax burdens for companies and employees in Germany are far too high in an international comparison. Our partner Bund der Steuerzahler eV is completely right to point this fact out with the Taxpayer Remembrance Day.

The high tax and contribution burden is already massively weakening Germany's international competitiveness. In the long term, it jeopardizes our prosperity due to a lack of innovation and investment. It is not enough to announce non-binding tax cuts and a tax moratorium in election programs. The Merkel government must not lose a day and must act now. Starting with the constitutionally required complete abolition of the Solis, up to a reform of corporate taxes, there is an urgent need for action. A noticeable reduction in the tax burden would enable companies to invest more and employees would have more money in their wallets. "

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