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IIn the next week the time has come again: The Taxpayers' Association announces the “Taxpayers Remembrance Day”. Up to this point in the middle of summer, the citizens had only worked arithmetically for the state. This leaves them with less than half of their annual income to finance their own wishes and needs.

Even if the concept of the taxpayer lobbyists is not undisputed - the key message of this sad message is undoubtedly correct: The German tax authorities let the working population im excess to the vein. The Federal Republic is even the world champion when it comes to taxes and duties, as the international comparison of the industrial countries organization OECD shows.

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In no other state does an average-earning single pay more into the public coffers. Families are also burdened more in this country than elsewhere.

It is true that tax and social security contributions are offset by state benefits. But other states are able to provide services of general interest and the desired redistribution with a significantly lower rate Burden on labor income. In the OECD average, the tax quota is only around a third of wages, but in this country the state wants half.

Relieve who is asked to pay the most

Anyone who wants more net from gross would do well to use the summer vacation to study the parties' election programs. Because when it comes to taxes, there are serious differences between the Union and the FDP on the one hand and the left-wing parties on the other.

The Center for European Economic Research has presented calculations of who will benefit from which plans, including not only taxation, but also family and social policy. The bourgeois parties want to relieve those who are currently most heavily asked to pay for taxes.

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End of double taxation

That is also - but not only - that High earners, especially since the top ten percent bear more than half of the total income tax burden. In contrast, the Greens, the SPD and the Left are propagating an even greater redistribution that is for Low wage earners and middle salary groups via relief plus higher social transfers would mean more money in the wallet.

The decisive difference between the two camps lies in the overall burden: while the Union and FDP want to relieve the population, the left-wing parties are still striving for it, the state more revenue to procure - to the detriment of the service providers.

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