The top state calls for the memory of corona deaths - not everyone feels like it

"Light your candles yourself" The top state calls for the memory of corona deaths - not everyone feels like it

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has lit a candle to commemorate those who died in the coronavirus pandemic

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has lit a candle in a window of Bellevue Palace to commemorate those who died in the coronavirus pandemic

© Bernd von Jutrczenka / DPA

Almost 80.000 dead: This Sunday, the previous victims of the coronavirus pandemic in Germany will be commemorated. But with the grief mixes with anger at the rulers.

On March 9 of last year at 12.44 p.m., an 89-year-old woman died in the University Hospital Eating as a result of an infection with the coronavirus, which was still new at the time. In the meantime, more than a year later, the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen shapes everyday life and has caused suffering and grief around the world. 79.913 more people have died from or with Covid-19 in Germany alone since then - nobody knows how many there will be one day.

Politicians call for the action "#lichtfenster"

Nevertheless, the government has already called for a national day of remembrance. On this Sunday, the deceased will first be remembered in an ecumenical service in the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin. A central commemoration will then follow at 13 p.m. in the Berlin concert hall. Also there: President of the Bundestag Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble, Bundesrat President Reiner Haseloff, Chancellor Merkel and the President of the Federal Constitutional Court, Stephan Harbath.

"Even if the pandemic has not yet been overcome, this should be a day of pause, which shows that we as a society take part, do not forget the dead and the suffering of the bereaved," says the call of the Federal President's Office.

But not just the leaders and Politicians of the state are called upon to commemorate the dead, and according to the wishes of the prime ministers of the federal states, the population should also show their sympathy. But in addition to approval, they also receive severe criticism.

People blame countries for the coronavirus situation

Under the catchphrase “#lichtfenster”, the country bosses called for people to put candles in the windows on the evenings from April 16 to 18. "We want to be aware of what we have lost, but also to draw hope and strength together," said a joint statement. "Many beloved and valued relatives, grandparents, Parents and partners, but also friends, acquaintances, neighbors and colleagues have already died in the pandemic. At this moment we want to share the grief of the fellow citizens directly affected. "

But instead of the hashtag “#lichtfenster”, the hashtag “#einkerzen” dominates the social networks. It was initiated by the “Green Zones” alliance. Numerous initiatives have come together in it that campaign for a NoCovid strategy - i.e. for extremely strict regional infection protection measures until the infection rate was initially reduced to below a seven-day incidence of 10 and then completely.

"The senseless dying must stop!"

The action alliance calls for as many candles as possible to be organized and to be placed directly and unlit at the state chancelleries of the federal states or to be sent to them. And a number of people followed the call out of anger about the politics of the prime ministers, whom they hold a main responsibility for the current situation. In the social networks they post pictures of the masses of candles deposited in front of the state chancellery and accuse the rulers of inaction. Some examples:

  • “The senseless dying must stop! May those responsible see the light. "
  • “You are welcome to put the candles in the window yourself. It is outrageous to also mock the victims of the pandemic. Do your work and protect the citizens! "
  • “In memory of the many souls and the strokes of fate behind the numbers. How long do you want to wait? What kind of wrong film are you guys doing? "
  • “You want us to put candles in the windows and light them so that you can be freed from your grave guilt? Oh no, light your candles yourself, because you are responsible for this. "
  • "The candles should light those who are responsible for the dead."
  • “A pandemic policy that accepts tens of thousands of deaths and many more seriously ill people, exposing children, teachers, parents and other workers to fatal health risks, can no longer be accepted. Light your candles yourself. "
  • "I can not believe it. Do they really think we are so stupid that one makes everything seem less bad again with hypocritical symbol poop? "

The background to this is the number of infections that has been rising again for weeks Germany. Despite the worsening pandemic situation, infection protection measures have not been tightened in numerous federal states, in some places they have even been relaxed. In addition, there has been a public dispute over the so-called federal emergency brake for weeks. Until a uniform federal regulation is adopted, the federal states are solely responsible for the infection protection measures.

April 18th is not only a day of mourning, but also a day of anger. That Sunday, the Robert Koch Institute reported 67 more deaths.

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