SPÖ-Herr: Notes on the monitoring of activists by OMV are frightening!

Parliamentary question should provide clarification

Vienna (OTS / SK) - On the occasion of today's reports about a possible monitoring of climate activists by the part-state OMV by means of investigative firms, SPÖ environmental spokeswoman Julia Herr is shocked: “The information regarding the monitoring of young activists by OMV is terrifying! It cannot be that a corporation in which the Republic holds shares is monitoring and spying on civil society! ”In this connection, Mr calls for quick clarification and transparency as well as the disclosure of all contracts between OMV and investigative firms. The environmental spokeswoman also announced that she would bring a parliamentary question on the subject: "The cooperation between OMV boss Seele and espionage companies must be scrutinized - that's why we are going to ask the finance minister to clarify this!" * ***

The environmental spokeswoman also criticizes that OMV - in view of the climate crisis and the climate-damaging oil and gas deals - overslept to reorient itself and has recently attracted attention mainly due to the failed Borealis deal, in which millions in Austrian tax money went to oil sheikhs flowed to Abu Dhabi. "The fact that there are still indications that young climate activists should be monitored knocks out the bottom," said the MP. In any case, Herr sees the chancellor and the finance minister responsible: “You have to ensure that the ÖBAG boss and deputy who is ready to resign and unable to act. OMV supervisory board chairman Thomas Schmid immediately vacates his post and the allegations against OMV are clarified! ”(Conclusion) sr / ls

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