SPD accuses Union of tough lobby policy in the heating cost dispute

The responsible ministries of the Union and SPD agreed on details of the project on Monday evening. After that, landlords would have to contribute half of the additional costs incurred by the CO2-Tax incurred. This should also apply to commercial rentals.

»CDU and Christian Social Union represent tough the interests of the property owner and landlord lobby «, said Carsten Schneider, First Parliamentary Managing Director of the SPD parliamentary group, SPIEGEL. Climate protection shouldn't become a luxury. "The CDU and CSU accept higher rents due to rising heating costs."

Schneider throws the party chairman Armin Laschet (CDU) and Markus Söder (CSU) propose to let the blockers have their way: "They look on indifferently or helplessly."

Schneider said about the heating cost dispute that the responsible politicians of the Union »have for this received generous party donations. That is why they do not want to change anything in terms of the transparency rules for the political party law ”.

The Reform of the party law failed in May. It should be a coalition response to the mask affair. In addition to the cases of MPs who have personally enriched themselves, there was also transparency in party donations. The SPD had already drawn up a draft law that essentially stipulates that the disclosure requirement for donations should be lowered to 2000 euros - so far it has been 10.000 euros. In addition, a maximum of 100.000 euros per year should be introduced per donor.

But the Union only wanted to agree if company investments were to be included. With this requirement, the SPD would have to part with its media holding DDVG, through which it is involved in around 20 daily newspapers. The SPD speaks of a diversionary maneuver and blames the Union for the failure of the reform.