Spahn sounds the alarm: "The situation in intensive care units is becoming more critical every day"

You can see in the video: Spahn sounds the alarm - "The situation in intensive care units is becoming more critical every day".

Original sound from Jens Spahn (CDU), Federal Minister of Health: “The number of infections is too high and it continues to rise. The location on many Intensive care units becomes more critical every day. We should hear the urgent appeals from intensive care physicians and take them very seriously. Incidentally, also the information from the nursing staff and all employees in the intensive care units that they have been under very heavy constant stress in many regions, in many cities, in many clinics in Germany for many months. Therefore, in this current situation, my clear appeal is also to the federal states: It is good that we will soon have a uniform and comprehensible regulation through federal law with the emergency brake. But we shouldn't wait for the Bundestag to pass this law next week. Vaccination and testing alone is not enough to break the third wave. Decisive action is required for this. And, as difficult as that is, there are further restrictions. And what we may be missing out on now will take revenge in two or three weeks. Just as it is now taking revenge, which was not decided two or three weeks ago. None of this is new knowledge. I know that. But we know from autumn what happens if we don't act quickly enough. "