Söder or Laschet: Union MPs collect signatures for a vote on the K question

Members of the Union parliamentary group collect signatures in order to clarify the question of the candidacy for chancellor in the parliamentary group meeting next Tuesday if necessary. According to SPIEGEL information, the list is provided by the Chairman of the European Committee, Gunther Krichbaum (CDU), organized. “We hope for an amicable solution. But if that doesn't come, a decision in the parliamentary group will have to be made next Tuesday, ”Krichbaum told SPIEGEL. »The parliamentary group is the only body in which the CDU and Christian Social Union sit together. "

The action, which started on Thursday evening, goes back to several Union MPs. Krichbaum is considered a supporter of the CSU boss Markus Söder in the fight for the candidacy for chancellor. A similar list had already been signed by 70 CDU MPs last week. A vote in the parliamentary group is considered the last option in the power struggle between the CDU boss Armin Laschet and Söder. In 1979 there was already a vote on the candidacy for chancellor. At that time the CSU boss left Franz Josef Strauss emerged as the winner.

"Clearly a matter for the parties, not the parliamentary group"

Hamburg's CDU regional chief Christoph Ploß had previously called for a joint decision in the parliamentary group meeting if Laschet and Söder were unable to come to an agreement beforehand. The chairman of the regional group Nordrhein-Westfalen, Günter Krings, on the other hand, warned that the MEPs would attract the decisive vote. "The nomination of the candidate and the formulation of the election program are clearly a matter for the parties, not the parliamentary group," said Krings.

The open K question is now causing a massive dispute in and between the two Union parties. Both potential candidates, Laschet and Söder, have declared that they want to run in the federal elections. None of the rivals have yet signaled that they want to withdraw.

On Thursday cracks appeared in the backing of the CDU leadership for Laschet. This is how Saxony-Anhalt's Prime Minister sat down Pure Haseloff (CDU) from the party chairman by demanding that the candidate for chancellor be decided on the basis of polls. Söder also uses this line of argument. Board member Daniel Günther as well as party vice Volker bouffier however, stood on the side of Laschet.