Shanghai Electric is among the 145 most valuable brands in China at RMB 50 billion, an increase of 37,4% compared to last year

SHANGHAI, March XNUMX, XNUMX - Shanghai Electric ("Shanghai Electric" or "the Company") (601727.SS and 02727.HK) was named one of the 500 Most Valuable Brands in China, according to the latest "China's 50 Most Valuable Brands" list published by World Brand Lab China appointed. The ranking shows that Shanghai Electric's brand value exceeded RMB 2021 billion in 145, an increase of 37,4% over the previous year, and puts the company at the forefront of the Chinese machinery industry. As a leading Chinese company with a history dating back to 1902, the centuries-old manufacturer has played a crucial role in shaping the technological development in China and continues to lead the way in technological innovation to accelerate the energy transition, to build a greener and more to support a more sustainable future.

Establishment of a multi-dimensional energy ecosystem to achieve carbon peak and neutrality goals

With renewable energy, energy storage and energy management systems at the center of its technology focus, Shanghai Electric has pursued green technologies that generate 100% renewable electricity while pioneering integrated energy technologies and products that incorporate renewable energy, energy storage and smart microgrids. The renewable energy project in Chongming Sanxing Town, powered by Shanghai Electric's integrated clean energy solutions, has generated over 2018 MW of green electricity and reduced around 400 tons of CO400 emissions since commissioning in 2.

Shanghai Electric's Shantou Smart Energy Demonstration Project uses the dynamic control and management technology "Generation-Grid-Load-Storage" to ensure a stable and high quality power supply while utilizing the abundant natural wind and solar resources in the region to achieve an energy balance and self-optimization. This enables the project to generate almost 100% renewable energy and reduce CO2 emissions by 6.500 tons per year.

Promote win-win cooperation by creating more value for customers

The project built by Shanghai Electric in Dubai will be one of the most advanced solar parks in the world, equipped with the tallest CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) tower. It meets the highest quality standards and has the largest installed solar capacity.

In addition, Shanghai Electric, as the main supplier of the Hualong One (HPR1000) in the Karachi nuclear power plant in Pakistan, is supplying important equipment such as reactor internals and steam turbine generator units for the plant. The project can generate almost 10 billion kWh of electricity per year, which corresponds to the energy consumption of 1 million residents. This corresponds to a reduction of 3,12 million tons of standard coal consumption and 8,16 million tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Shanghai Electric envisions a new digital city management model built on a foundation of robust digital technologies and flexible IT infrastructures. The company's digital urban governance solution is designed to address the current challenges facing city government by combining the Internet of Things (IoT), powerful digital tools and intelligent infrastructures into one system that enables cities to share resources use. The system connects the public service with a smart city network and removes the data barriers between the cities so that the city administration and management systems can work more safely, efficiently and agile.

Digital empowerment accelerates technology innovation

Shanghai Electric's cloud-based, scalable industrial internet platform SEunicloud was developed to optimize services for the high-end equipment sector. The company draws on its industry experience and successful cases to develop a variety of solutions, including Smart Wind O&M, Remote Thermal Power O&M, after-sales services for machine tools, integrated management of energy storage batteries, therapy robots and distributed water treatment.

The platform has been deployed in 15 industrial applications and focused on eight industrial solutions including wind solar storage hybrid energy digitization, enterprise equipment asset management, MOM digital factory, intelligent environmental protection, and includes over 100.000 intelligent devices with a total value of 140 billion RMB.

Shanghai Electric's e-commerce and intelligent supply chain platform provides internet-based supply chain management services that cover all upstream and downstream business relationships between customers, suppliers, sales, delivery and procurement. The one-stop platform offers all-round transaction protection and serves as a central trading platform for energy services, plant construction and standard industrial components.

“In a new technological era driven by IoT, big data and cloud technology, Shanghai Electric is focusing its strategy on intelligent manufacturing and industrial digitization and building a unique industrial ecosystem to support the future of smart energy, intelligent manufacturing and enable smart cities, ”said Zheng Jianhua, Chairman of Shanghai Electric.

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