Schwarz / Hammer: New OMV boss Alfred Stern must lead OMV into a climate-neutral future

Greens: OMV has to adapt to the Austrian climate targets

Vienna (OTS) - “Congratulations to Alfred Stern on his appointment as the new OMV boss. I am very pleased that the personnel and strategic realignment of OMV has now happened faster than originally planned. After the personnel decision has been clarified, the right steps for the future should now be taken quickly, ”says Jakob Schwarz, budget spokesman in the Green Parliamentary Club.

OMV must prepare for and prepare for climate neutrality by 2040. The government is already taking the right steps in promoting the switch to heating and e-mobility. OMV's oil and gas business is therefore not sustainable in the medium to long term.

Lukas Hammer, climate and energy spokesman for the Greens, emphasizes this: “The big task of the new OMV boss is now to set the long-term course in the group towards climate neutrality. The sale of gas and oil as energy sources can no longer play a role by 2040 at the latest. "A realignment of the group towards increased plastic production is inadequate for Hammer:" OMV urgently needs a clear strategy to exit the business with fossil fuels, otherwise the group has no future. "

“Alfred Stern is now called upon to put OMV on a climate course and to implement the path towards circular economy and climate neutrality. I am convinced that his expertise and experience in this area qualify him excellently. I wish him all the best for this new task and challenge, ”emphasizes Jakob Schwarz.

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