Scholz: Stop turning the fuel price screw

Rising gasoline prices Scholz: Stop turning the fuel price screw

Olaf Scholz

Entering the Bundestag election campaign as the SPD's candidate for Chancellor: Olaf Scholz. Photo: Christoph Soeder / dpa / archive

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The SPD does not want to leave the issue of climate protection to the Greens completely in the election campaign. When it comes to gasoline prices, Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz warns of excessive burdens for citizens.

SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz has spoken out against further increases in gasoline prices. "Anyone who just keeps turning the fuel price screw shows how indifferent he is to the needs of the citizens," said Scholz of the "Bild". An ever higher CO2 price does not mean “more climate protection, but only more frustration”.

Greens boss Annalena Baerbock had previously advocated a gasoline price increase of 16 cents. Part of this has already taken place: “There was now a price increase of 6 cents at the beginning of the year because a CO2 price was also introduced on petrol for the first time. We say that it has to be gradually increased to the 16 cents that (her co-chairman) Robert Habeck mentioned, ”the chancellor-designate had said on Sunday evening“ Bild ”.

For this she has already been criticized from several sides, including the left. CSU Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer told the "image": "It is not possible that prices keep going up." FDP parliamentary group vice Stephan Thomae asked the newspaper for a gasoline price brake.