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VMinister of Transport Andreas Scheuer has clearly rejected calls for a speed limit on motorways in the federal election campaign. "The argument for a general speed limit is a political instrument of war, for some even a fetish," said the CSU politician of the German press agency. “When choosing, citizens can decide whether they want freedom of mobility - or restrictions and bans. And the Greens are right at the front. "

The minister emphasized that the system of the recommended recommended speed of 130 kilometers per hour (km / h) had proven itself. About a third of the motorway network also already has a speed limit. “With alternative drives, automation and autonomous driving, the average speed will drop anyway.” It is currently 117 km / h. “The German autobahns are the safest roads in the world. We tend to have problems with road safety on country roads, that's what our focus must be on, ”said Scheuer.

In their election programs demand SPD and Greens a general limit of 130 km / h on motorways, the left wants a maximum speed of 120. Union, FDP and AfD expressly reject a general speed limit.

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Scheuer also opposed making Tempo 30 the rule in urban areas and the previously applicable Tempo 50 the exception. "A general, area-wide Tempo 30 in city centers is too general for me."

The Union's candidate for chancellor, Armin Laschet, also refuses Speed ​​limit of 130 from. He thinks it's “illogical”, he recently told the editorial network Germany (RND). “Why should an electric vehicle that does not cause CO2 emissions be allowed to drive faster than 130? That is illogical, ”said Laschet.

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