Robert Habeck: Change of candidate for chancellor with the Greens »is Kokolores«

After the allegations against the Green Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock, her co-party leader Robert Habeck assures that changing the candidate for chancellor to him is not an issue. "This is Kokolores," he said »Süddeutsche Zeitung«. The Greens had only just elected Baerbock as their candidate for chancellor with almost one hundred percent. "Now it's a matter of making the best of this leap of faith that the party has given them."

When asked »You never talked about a move? Never thought about it? "Replied Habeck:" No. This is not a debate. ”At the same time he said that there had been technical mistakes, which Baerbock had also admitted.

Baerbock is in the criticism because in her book »Jetzt. How we are renewing our country «find striking linguistic similarities to other publications. It had previously become known that they would be late making special payments to the party Bundestag had reported. The party and candidate also had to correct information in Baerbock's curriculum vitae.

"These events came as a surprise to everyone," said Habeck. “If we had known that there should have been more solid work in those positions, the work would have been more solid.” But he also stated that in the two months leading up to the election evening on September 26th, one could make it clear “that trust in the right politics should determine the vote «. He still sees great opportunities to "gain trust in this precious commodity."

Baerbock was proposed as candidate for chancellor by the federal executive of the Greens in April and confirmed by the party congress in June. Co-party leader Robert Habeck also had ambitions for the candidacy for chancellor, but then hesitated.

He emphasized that it was clear that "with the proclamation of a candidate for chancellor, personalization begins." The Greens had hoped to be able to use this personalization to put their issues forward. "In this respect, we have to blame ourselves for our mistakes." It is not the job of others to "protect ourselves from them. Our opponents can criticize us. It is an election campaign «. It is now the task of the Greens to reflect on their strengths. "And they are: setting the issues that demand controversy."

"Nothing at all went"

Habeck assured: "We don't need a fresh start." One had to "return to the things that brought us into the situation of naming a candidate for Chancellor in the first place." This includes "a sharp definition of the major key concepts of our republic: freedom, prosperity, growth and justice" as well as "inviting communication that does not come across as know-it-all".

The co-party leader also protested against the impression that the race for the Chancellery was over. "Nothing went," he emphasized. The last few weeks had "not been a highlight". "But we are still in very good shape - good enough to have a brilliant election campaign with friendliness and joy and the ease of summer."

At the same time, Habeck took an offensive approach to the political competition. For example, he described the Union's campaign as "an illustration of dubiousness". The Union said it wanted to protect the climate and create new jobs, but had badly damaged the solar industry and slowed down wind energy. "And Armin Laschet says he wants a decade of modernization. Yes, who has ruled for the last decade and a half? ”Says Habeck. "The Union pretends to be politics for a lack of answers."