Reactions to the Mietendeckel verdict: "clap for red-red-green"

The decision of the Federal Constitutional Court, to tip the rent cover in Berlin, ensures a divided echo: critics - including members of the Union and FDP, but also the housing industry - feel activated by the decision. representative of SPDThe left and the Greens, on the other hand, are disappointed. Tenants' associations also speak of a "bitter decision".

Economics Minister Peter Altmaier was relieved by the Karlsruhe decision. He demands that the federal and state governments should now give a clear rejection of new attempts at a rent cap. The main goal must be to build more apartments, said the CDU politician. "You can't do that by capping it."

Likewise CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak calls for a boost in residential construction after the decision. Ziemiak wrote down more and more affordable living space “with a construction turbo” Twitter. He described the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court as "a gossip for irresponsible red-red-green politics."

The House and property owners' association welcomed the decision of the Constitutional Court. The judgment of the judges in Karlsruhe was clear: "The law is void," said association president Kai Warnecke. "You couldn't put it more sharply." The Berlin Senate had "been completely wiped out." But tenants would not have to reckon with skyrocketing rents. The nationwide rent brake continues to apply.

Also the housing company Deutsche Annington Immobilien Gruppe welcomed the decision. Vonovia boss Rolf Buch announced well but do not claim back rent.

Criticism from the SPD and the left

Representatives of the SPD were disappointed by the decision of the Karlsruhe judges. "It's a black day for tenants in Berlin," said Sören Bartol, deputy chairman of the SPD parliamentary group. Das Bundesverfassungsgericht However, I did not decide against the Berlin rent cap, but only judged the competence in matters of tenancy law. "The problems for millions of citizens in large cities and metropolitan areas remain," said Bartol. That is why a “constitutional rent freeze in tense housing markets” is needed at the federal level.

The Berlin Senator for Construction Sebastian Scheel (left) announced that the Senate would discuss the consequences on Tuesday. "The Senate also sees it as its duty to develop socially acceptable solutions for tenants." The Berlin Senator for Culture Klaus Lederer (left) said his party would campaign for an emergency aid fund for those most in need.

The German Tenants' Association after the BVG decision, called on the federal government to finally act. The decision is bitter, "but it is also a loud wake-up call to the federal legislature to finally act and stop the rent explosion in many German cities," said the President of the German Tenants' Association, Lukas Siebenkotten.