Get out of the EU, raise the borders, end the lockdown, more cars on the streets: that's what the AfD wants

Election program 2021 Get out of the EU, raise the borders, end the lockdown, more cars on the streets: that's what the AfD wants

Election program 2021: out of the EU, high borders, end of lockdown, more cars on the streets: that's what the AfD wants
See in the video: "Oops, we do it again" - Meuthen's sayings at the start of the AfD party congress

NOTE: THIS POST WILL BE SENT WITHOUT SPEAKER TEXT. Jörg Meuthen, AfD party chairman: “We stand, to put it bluntly, for quick tests via Aldi instead of Altmaier, because then it works. We stand for high-tech instead of Habeck and we stand for market instead of Merkel. ”“ Oops, we do it again. Because this is our second presence party congress in the middle of Corona times. What have we been accused of in the run-up to the party congress? That is irresponsible, a superspreader event would give it, it would have dire consequences for everyone. And what happens after that? Right, nothing. ”“ Because we stick to the rules. Because we live responsibility, because we want to show and show that it is possible, that all these orgies of prohibition, this locking up, this lockdown madness, that none of this is necessary if you trust people, that they are willing and able to take responsibility for themselves are. “Under Merkel, Germany has become a country that hardly anyone in the world takes seriously anymore. I experience that in Brussels every day. A country in which the politicians who are unfortunately still in the lead now, stammering senselessly, refer to themselves as politicians and our kindergarten children are covered with absurd ideologies. "" If we do it right, we have a great chance at this election, for the first time and even to become the strongest political force in a state by a considerable margin. The latest surveys even show the three in front as a result that is well within the realm of the possible. We are currently placing a round 10 to 11 percentage points ahead of the next placed party. That is this party in decline, what was it called, right CDU. "

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In the middle of the third corona wave, several hundred AfD delegates in Dresden decided on a program for the federal election. In terms of content, it was above all the radical forces in the party that prevailed.

The AfD adopted its program for the Bundestag election on September 26th in Dresden. The party conference on the weekend tightened the party's positions in several places. The AfD is calling for Germany to leave the EU and for border fences to be returned, and any family reunification for refugees is rejected. The central points at a glance:

EU exit:

Actually, a direct exit of Germany from the European Union should not be explicitly in the election manifesto - but the party congress was in favor of exactly that with a clear majority. That is why the program now says: “We'll keep one Germany leaves the European Union and the Foundation of a new European economic and interest group for necessary. " 

The leading motion of the party leadership only provided for an exit as an option. Party leader Jörg Meuthen and parliamentary group leader Alexander Gauland unsuccessfully warned of a change. What is undisputed, however, in the AfD is the demand to leave the euro system.

Refugee policy:

"Any family reunification for refugees" is rejected. The party congress decided to include the demand in the election manifesto after party right winger Björn Höcke had advocated it. Regarding the reference that this violates applicable law, Höcke said it was about "setting a political signal". 

The AfD also wants the Return to border controls, along with “physical barriers” such as border fences at the German state borders. Asylum applications should only be able to be made “with proven identity and nationality”. The AfD also wants one "Deportation Offensive", which The number of “safe countries of origin” is to be expanded.


Minarets and muezzin calls are supposed to according to the will of the AfD be prohibited. She also wants one General headscarf ban in the public service and for teachers and schoolchildren in public schools. The election manifesto emphasizes at the same time that the party stands “unrestrictedly in terms of freedom of belief, conscience and belief” according to the Basic Law.

Corona pandemic:

The AfD demands that immediate end of the lockdown measures. In the election platform rejects they also "The obligation to wear masks" in general. It should be left to the citizens to what extent they want to protect themselves. In addition, the party turns against “also indirect” compulsory vaccinations, tests or apps


Under the heading “The people must become sovereign again”, the AfD questions the political system. she wants Nationwide referendums based on the Swiss model. Issues such as “currency, migration, Islam and energy” would have to be decided by the people. The rulers will "Totalitarian behavior" accused the citizens of being over controlled media affected.

Defense of Constitution: 

The protection of the constitution is a thorn in the side of the AfD - at least since the observation of the entire party has been in the room. The Domestic intelligence is supposed to therefore according to the will of the AfD to be reformed. No majority found the further demand to otherwise dissolve it. Above all, Höcke had campaigned for this.

The question of observation should continue to accompany the party in the election year, even if it achieved a partial success at the beginning of March: According to the Cologne Administrative Court, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution may not initially classify the party as a right-wing extremist suspected case or treat it as such. The decision is valid until the court decides on a corresponding urgent motion by the party.


The AfD represents a traditional family image. Family exists für sie from "father, mother and children". The issue of gender was also included in the program, in which the party expressly stated that “two sexesn “speaks. The AfD rejects “gender-sensitive language” ebenfalls ab.

Further demands:

Among other things, the AfD wants the Return to conscription, which Abolition of the license fee, a Energy policy with nuclear power and coal as well as the Promotion of "motorized individual transport".

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