“Profile”: Once again, the Vienna municipality's award case is causing criticism

Ultrasound devices for pregnant women were purchased directly from the US company GE. "Absolutely baseless," say industry experts.

Vienna (OTS) - As the news magazine "profil" reports in its current issue, another award case by the municipality of Vienna is causing criticism. It is about the purchase of ultrasound devices for the examination of pregnant women by the city's own Vienna Health Association (WIGEV) for the Floridsdorf Clinic last autumn. The seller was GE Health, a subsidiary of the US conglomerate General Electric.

The city bought direct from GE without a tender. A competition could namely not be carried out "for technical reasons" because the GE device was superior. Industry experts refer to this as “absolutely unfounded” in relation to “profil”. "These systems should definitely have been put out to tender."

“Profil” asked competitors in the medical technology sector. On the part of Philips, for example, it is said that there is “no higher clinical benefit that, in our view, would justify direct award.” Canon also speaks of “very little clinical added value”.

The WIGEV contradicts: Only the GE device in question is able to make “a 3D / 4D image of the entire heart” in two to three seconds. However, the documents available in “profile” show: The Vienna General Hospital recently acquired other ultrasound systems than the GE device in question - although the technical requirements there are particularly high because the AKH primarily treats high-risk pregnancies.

GE did not want to comment on the cause, nor did the politically responsible SPÖ health councilor Peter Hacker. Last week, profil and the ORF “ZiB” reported on a controversial tender by the City of Vienna that referred to computer tomographs. It was designed in such a way that only the Siemens group could have won.

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