PRO-GE: Entry ban for ex-MAN works council is a serious foul

Management engages in unworthy acting

Vienna (OTS) - The longstanding previous chairman of the MAN works council in Steyr, Erich Schwarz, has been banned from entering by the management. The announcement of the voting results on April 8th was also the first day for Schwarz as a pensioner. The ban on entry for the now pensioner Schwarz was not justified.

“The ban on entering by phone is an unworthy spectacle. As a works council, Erich Schwarz fought for the location for decades, campaigned for the employees and for the maintenance of the plant, ”says Rainer Wimmer, federal chairman of the PRO-GE union.

Schwarz should obviously be discredited, because the group tries to distract from its own mistakes and blame the works council for the unpleasant voting behavior of the workforce. “Schwarz worked for the plant all his life. Such an approach is also a serious foul from a human perspective. You just don't do that when you have the slightest sense of honor, ”says Wimmer.

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