Police identified 28 people involved in the presidential murder - most of them from Colombia

Watch the video: Police identify 28 people involved in the presidential murder Haiti.

After the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise, the police demonstrated these 17 men to the media on Thursday. You are said to have been involved in the murder. Heavily armed assassins who posed as US drug investigators had gained access to the guarded residence of the president on Wednesday night, killed him and seriously injured his wife. According to the Haitian ambassador to the USA, they were "foreign mercenaries" and well-trained killers. Haiti's chief of police confirmed this, saying the foreigners had come into the country to kill the president. 28 assassins have already been identified, including 26 Colombians and two Haitians. Moise had been in office since 2017 and ruled by decree for more than a year because an election failed to host an election. The opposition accused the 53-year-old of corruption and mass protests broke out. Moise had always denied the allegations and insisted on a constitutional reform, with which he said he wanted to ensure more political stability. His opponents saw it as an attempt to achieve a dictatorship. Haiti's election minister, Mathias Pierre, has indicated that both the presidential election and the constitutional referendum should go ahead as planned on September 26th.