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With the exception of Corona, Lufthansa's freight business is actually going well. But the airline depends on the benevolence of the pilots - who view many developments critically.

Frankfurt / Main (dpa) - At Lufthansa, the blessing of the house with the pilots is always wrong. At the flourishing freight subsidiary Lufthansa Cargo, numerous flight cancellations were only just barely prevented after the pilots had canceled special corona agreements.

The booming freight traffic was only made possible with the regulatory agreement on expanded deployment options for the staff. According to information from the portal “aero.de”, the company and staff representatives have agreed to keep the rules in force for another week in order to come to a contractual solution. "Everything is still running for us," said a cargo spokeswoman on Monday.

The background to this is the surplus of staff at the corona-ridden aviation group, which has sent many pilots on short-time work. Up to 1500 of the around 5000 captains and co-pilots from the group collective agreement could lose their jobs in the coming spring due to the lack of demand. Corresponding social plan negotiations are, according to information from both sides, underway for the Lufthansa Passenger Airlines and Lufthansa Cargo.

At the freight company, demand and profits are right in the pandemic, but the group is shifting more and more business to the “Aerologic” joint venture, which is not covered by the group wage agreement, for cost reasons. In addition, the long-standing MD11 packhorse is being retired, which could mean the end of a career for up to 160 pilots. They are now outraged that two additional medium-haul freighters at the subsidiary Lufthansa Cityline should also fly outside of the KTV.

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