Online grocer Picnic is growing in the pandemic

The online grocer Picnic grew rapidly in the Corona year 2020. The number of customers has increased from 50 to 000 within a year, the number of employees from 200 to around 000, reported Germany boss Fredric Knaudt on Thursday evening in the business journalistic association in Düsseldorf. There are currently over 500 households on the grocer's waiting list.

The company currently supplies customers in 400 cities in North Rhine-Westphalia with a fleet of 45 self-developed electric vehicles. But Picnic is now also looking beyond the borders of the most populous federal state and may expand into other federal states in 2022, said Knaudt.

Behind Picnic are entrepreneurial families from the Netherlands and Edeka Rhein Ruhr. The start-up differs from the competition in one particular respect: While most other online grocery stores offer customers time slots to choose from when ordering, Pincic, like a modern milkman, delivers all groceries ordered in a neighborhood at a set time off at once.

As a result, Picnic can supply three times as many households as the competition within an hour, said Knaudt. "We can bundle the traffic, save routes and thus only have a third of the costs." This enables the online retailer to have prices at the level of brick-and-mortar retail and the waiver of delivery charges. In addition, Picnic can also offer its service outside of the densely populated city centers.

The entrepreneur does not see any growth limits for Picnic for the time being. “We are at the very beginning of a very big development,” said Knaudt. In the case of groceries, too, the online share could grow from currently one or two percent to 30 percent - "maybe in ten years".

The Picnic boss does not expect that the end of the pandemic will lead to a slump in orders. Last summer, when the pandemic situation temporarily relaxed, showed that the shopping behavior of Picnic customers had not changed in any way. "We consider the change to be sustainable."