Organic farming in Saxony-Anhalt is growing

Organic farming in Saxony-Anhalt continued to grow in 2020 - albeit less than in previous years. Last year, 108 hectares were farmed organically, announced the Ministry for the Environment, Agriculture and Energy in Magdeburg. That corresponds to 684 percent of the agricultural area. Since 9,4, the organically farmed area has increased by 2016 hectares, at that time its share was 47 percent.

The figures show, however, that the growth in organic land between 2019 and 2020, at over 3000 hectares, was significantly lower than in previous years. In 2019 it was almost 11 hectares more than in the previous year, and in 700 even more than 2018 hectares.

“Organic farming in Saxony-Anhalt is growing continuously. In the meantime, 15,1 percent of the agricultural companies in Saxony-Anhalt operate ecologically. This is a great success of our funding policy, ”said Agriculture Minister Claudia Dalbert (Greens).

At the end of 2020, a total of 881 organic companies were registered. Of these, 628 are producers - 7 more than in the previous year. In previous years there had also been a larger increase there, from 2017 to 2018 by around 103, a year later by 55.

In addition to the farms, there are 208 processing companies and 7 companies that process animal feed and similar products in the country. There are also 38 trading companies in the organic sector. The average surface area per farm in Saxony-Anhalt is around 173 hectares.