ÖBAG: OMV Supervisory Board appoints Alfred Stern as new OMV CEO

Vienna (OTS) - Vienna, June 01.06.2021st, XNUMX. At its meeting today, the OMV Supervisory Board appointed Alfred Stern as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of OMV AG. ÖBAG welcomes the clear commitment of the Supervisory Board to the strategic reorientation of the group, which was initiated under Rainer Seele, for which Alfred Stern, with his many years of in-depth expertise, was the ideal candidate from ÖBAG's point of view.

ÖBAG board member Thomas Schmid: “I am particularly pleased that the supervisory board has unanimously decided in favor of Alfred Stern. Thanks to his many years of experience with Borealis, Alfred Stern is not only optimally positioned to successfully integrate Borealis into OMV, but also to optimize the strengths of both companies so that the OMV / Borealis Group can consistently continue on its path towards circular economy. "

As an internationally active oil and gas company, OMV AG is facing a long-term process of change. “By increasing its stake in Borealis, OMV has found its own way for a future with less CO2. Sustainability will continue to play an important role for OMV in the future. The combined OMV / Borealis Group has the best prerequisites to find long-term solutions to reduce Scope 3 CO2 emissions, ”emphasizes Thomas Schmid.

Positive performance since the beginning of the year

With 31,5%, ÖBAG is one of the central shareholders of OMV. The Republic of Austria therefore benefits from the positive development of the share price. Since the beginning of the year, the share has risen by around 50 percent, which can be seen as confirmation of the capital market for OMV's price. Thomas Schmid: "I would like to thank OMV board member Rainer Seele, who has made significant progress in positioning OMV as a leading Austrian company on the international financial markets."

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