Nord Stream 2: Environmental aid complains against further construction - Kramp-Karrenbauer signals US concession

Only a few kilometers are still missing: The German environmental aid (DUH) wants to file a lawsuit against the continued construction of the controversial Baltic Sea Gas Pipeline Nord Stream 2 still prevent completion. The claim at the Hamburg administrative court, the receipt of which was confirmed by a spokesman, is directed against the approval of the construction work by the responsible Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH), announced the DUH. According to the DUH, climate and environmental arguments are being ignored in the construction of the pipeline.

The BSH previously had contradictions from the DUH and the Naturschutzbund in mid-January Germany (NABU) rejected against a building permit. At that time, the authority allowed Nord Stream 2 to continue construction in German waters.

Because of the contradictions, the approval was given has since been overridden. A lawsuit in court would now revoke the approval again. Without this permit, pipes could not be laid in German waters until the end of May. The project is currently being carried out in Danish waters.

Moratorium under discussion

Nord Stream 2 has been one of the main points of contention in German-American relations for years. The United States fear that Europe is too dependent on Russian gas and want to stop the project with sanctions. Proponents of the pipeline counter the Americans that they are only in on better sales opportunities for their liquefied gas Europe File

In the dispute over the pipeline, the Federal Minister of Defense Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer but now signaled concession to the USA. After a meeting with her US counterpart Lloyd Austin, the CDU politician was open to a moratorium on the construction of the almost completed pipeline.

"You can ask yourself that question," she said. In the event that the pipeline is between Russia and Germany should be completed through the Baltic Sea, said Kramp-Karrenbauer in favor of conditioning the gas transport. You have to make him "also dependent (...) on the behavior of Russia".

The US government has expressed its opposition to the pipeline project, Austin said: "But we will not allow this issue to stand in the way of the enormous relations we have with Germany."

Nord Stream 2 is expected to transport 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year from Russia to Germany. According to the project company from the beginning of April, 95 percent of the pipeline has already been laid.

The federal government had always pointed out that it was an economic project and refused to intervene. But now it is coming under increasing pressure, including Eastern European countries like Poland and the Baltic countries reject the pipeline. The Foreign Ministers Heiko Maas and Antony blinken had recently at their first meeting in Brüssel agreed to keep the conversation going for a solution to the conflict.